19 March 2024 InvestNL and EIC invest in Innatera
11 March 2024 Ellogon raises 1M
20 Feb 2024 Flavour raises 2M from ROM Utrecht and Northwave
18 Jan 2024 SHIFT invest in Heex Technologies
12 Jan 2024 IFOZ and NextGen invest in Attendi 
16 Oct 2023 Pectcof raises EUR 2M from a consortium of investors a.o. Future Food Fund and Brightlands Venture Partners
5 Oct 2023, amongst others, invest in Optics11 Industrial Sensing and Optics11 Life
25 Sept 2023 SHIFT and Dolfin Capital invest in C1 Connections Holding
5 Sept 2023 invests in Nuventura
5 Sept 2023 invests in Alixlabs
30 August 2023 The Selection Lab raises EUR 1.25M from Borksi Fund and Arches Capital
24 August 2023 Matterwave Ventures (Germany) invests in Roseman Labs
22 August 2023 SHIFT invests in Volytica diagnostics GmbH (Germany)
12 August 2023 Hightekers acquires Shifter Zakelijke Dienstverlening
11 August 2023 Seenons acquires Recycling Partners Belgium (RPB)
28 July 2023 Brightlands Venture Partners and ifund invest in Resolved Technologies
12 July 2023 Purchase of 100% of the shares in Xifeo ICT B.V. by Tech Tribes Nederland B.V.
10 July 2023 Acquisition by STAAN Financing B.V. of all shares in HighQ B.V.
6 July 2023 Sale of all shares in Cooster to PIA Group Netherlands
30 June 2023 raises over EUR 2M from several professional investors
26 June 2023 Maxem Energy Solutions raises EUR 3M in investment round
21 June 2023 Eat Karma raises 2M from Capital Blue Partners, Brave New Food and Phase2Earth
20 June 2023 Ekster Wallets sold 100% of the shares in Travelteq
5 June 2023 Capital Blue Partners invests in Wholy Green
1 June 2023 Joint Venture between PaymentGenes and The Conexus Group
25 May 2023 AI marketing Platform Billy Grace raises EUR 2.3M from Fortino Capital and several angel investors
25 May 2023 TAPP raises 3M in growth financing from ROM InWest and CNBB Equity Partners
3 May 2023 LIOF invests in startup Embrosa
21 April 2023 Lexar Partners acquires One of a Kind Travel
19 April 2023 E-magy raises EUR 20.5M in investment round
18 April 2023 Dexter Energy raises EUR 10.5M in Series B investment round
5 April 2023 Circular tech platform Seenons raises more than EUR 10M from several investors amongst which Invest-NL, Capital T and Swiss Post
3 April 2023 IT Company Bechtle (parent company of PQR) acquires all the shares in Fondo ICT Professionals
29 March 2023 Future Business Partnership invests in Naïf
23 March 2023 OneThird raises 2.75M from SHIFT, OostNL, Halma ventures and Pymwymic in late seed funding round
22 March 2023 EVBiotech raises 4.5M in seed investment round from among others Future Food Fund, NV Nom and Blue Horizon
21 March 2023 Vitestro raises EUR 12M in Series A financing round
9 March 2023 invests in QuantWare
7 March 2023 Agurotech raises EUR 1.5M in Series A investment round from ROM InWest and Navus Ventures
7 March 2023 Tex.tracer raises EUR 1.5M in investment round from ROM InWest and Hearstlab
26 Feb 2023 Series A Investment in Qualinx
16 Feb 2023 Sale of 100% of the shares in Koridon Plaatwerk B.V. to INNO Metaal
3 Feb 2023 Blim Groep acquires Wehlton Trading B.V.
23 Jan 2023 Sale of 100% of the shares in Krosto Techniek to Maandag
6 Jan 2023 invests in Lionix International B.V.


30 Dec 2022 ByBorre secures Series B financing from a.o. InvestNL, VP Capital, SHIFT Invest and AKEF
23 Dec 2022 Brightlands, 4impact, Neste and Asahi Kasei as lead investors make a Series A investment in Circularise
23 Dec 2022 Mainport Innovation Fund together with a.o. BF Seed Capital and Hearst make an additional Seed investment in Aiir
22 Dec 2022 Innatera raises new funding in investment round
2 Dec 2022 EddieFromEarth acquires all shares in Travel Impact Accelerator
15 Nov 2022 Management of Integron B.V. acquires 66.67% of the shares of Integron B.V.
6 Nov 2022 SHIFT and Finindus invest in OTIV
2 Nov 2022 SW/Capital B.V. acquires all shares of Imagebuilders B.V.
31 Oct 2022 Houtindustrie Amersfoort sells all shares to Houden Holding B.V.
19 Oct 2022 Neboq B.V. acquires all shares of Hoogenboom Valves
18 Oct 2022 Overstory attracts EUR 5.2M of equity financing
10 Oct 2022 OpenUp raises EUR 15M in investment round
6 Oct 2022 and VCC invest in Optics11 B.V.
5 Oct 2022 BIYU raises growth capital from, amongst others, ROM Inwest
23 Sept 2022 Antea acquires majority stake in Ventus
12 Sept 2022 Talk360 raises EUR 7M in seed investment round
6 Sept 2022 Chaincraft attracts EUR 11M investment from existing shareholders and new investors
17 Aug 2022 Sensoterra raises EUR 1M from Future Food Fund and ROM Utrecht Region
27 July 2022 IT Company PQR acquires all the shares in AXEZ ICT Solutions
22 July 2022 SHIFT Invest and ENERGIIQ invest in Canopus Drilling Solutions
20 July 2022 Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland and One Planet Crowd grant a loan to CBike Lease B.V.
20 July 2022 SHIFT Invest invests in OMERTA, a deep tech design platform for real estate developments
19 July 2022 The Hand B.V. attracts financing
18 July 2022 Kortext acquires Newclicks B.V.
15 July 2022 Blim Groep acquires Jaloezieën B.V.
15 July 2022 The shareholders of CloseSure Nederland B.V. sell 100% of the shares in CloseSure Nederland B.V. to Mentha Capital and the management of CloseSure Nederland B.V.
11 July 2022 The founders of Krakend Vers B.V. sell 100% of the shares in Krakend Vers B.V. to Calm Cookies Holding B.V.
6 July 2022 The shareholers of Orange Nutrional Group B.V. sell 100% of the shares in Orange Nutrional Group B.V. to PortionPack Europe Holding B.V.
22 June 2022 Montes Investments and management acquire 100% of the shares in ABC Group B.V.
15 June 2022 Nowatch, raises Series A funding
1 June 2022 VentureLawyers provided the legal support in Talk360 securing its USD 4M seed funding round
22 April 2022 Lassus acquires the majority of the shares in Residentaal B.V.
22 April 2022 VentureLawyers advises Lassus in its investment in BoomBrush B.V.
25 May 2022 VentureLawyers advises founders of C2B on merger with LevelUp Group
13 May 2022 VentureLawyers assisted Gain.Pro in closing its funding round of EUR 9.6M
10 May 2022 VentureLawyers assisted at setting up the audio platform “Fluister” by DPG Media, Singel Uitgeverijen, VBK Uitgevers, Libris Blz. Boekhandels, WPG Uitgevers and investment company Veronica Ventures
10 May 2022 VentureLawyers acted as a transaction lawyer in the buyout of one of three brothers in a family business
26 April 2022 Oribi Groep acquired 100% of the shares in SMART AIM Nederland 
25 April 2022 Grant Thornton acquired the assets of Wolfs Company
6 April 2022 invests in Fibersail Holding B.V.
2 March 2022 Nauta acquires majority stake in CaptureTech Products
23 Feb 2022 Mainport Innovation Fund II invested in Series A capital in C Teleport
17 Feb 2022 invests in Bi/ond
1 Feb 2022 Founders sell fintech start-up Biller to Banking Circle (part of EQT)
28 Jan 2022 Tover closes an equity investment round with Karmijn Kapitaal
13 Jan 2022 VentureLawyers acted as transaction lawyers for the investment of a consortium of investors (consisting of amongst others Future Food Fund and Brightlands Venture Partners) into Pectcof
11 Jan 2022 Driessen Food acquires Egro, PIER24 and Terre & Mer
10 Jan 2022 NVIDIA acquires Bright Computing
5 Jan 2022 EVK travel acquires 100% of the shares in Inezia Tours
3 Jan 2022 SHIFT Invest and ENERGIIQ invest in Whiffle 


23 dec 2021 Bergler Nederland acquires 100% of the shares in Bergler ICT
22 Dec 2021 MirMar Beheer acquires 50% of the shares in Soul Water
22 Dec 2021 Keries acquires 100% of the shares in DRL Products
2 Dec 2021 EIC invests in Ventinova Medical
23 Nov 2021 SW/Capital acquires 100% of the shares in Struik & Hamerslag
18 Nov 2021 Karma Kebab raises EUR 1M from Phase2Earth
17 Nov 2021 Omnia Retail acquires Patagona
5 Nov 2021 Overstory closes a EUR 3.3M investment round
18 Oct 2021 30MHZ attracts equity financing from a consortium of Rubio, PDENH, Goeie Grutten, SHIFT and Rabo Ventures
11 Oct 2021 Meetthehand closes a seed investment round
11 Oct 2021 De Warmte raises seed financing from Rubio
6 Oct2021 A consortium of SHIFT Invest, MAERSK, Chemelot and LIOF invest a total amount of EUR 4.0M in Vertoro
5 Oct 2021 ClearD3 attracts financing for further growth
1 Oct 2021 Mister Orange acquires 50% of the shares in VakMerk
30 Sept 2021 Committed Capital acquires 100% of the shares in
20 Sept2021 JAMC starts its buy and build and acquires VKMag, RUMAG, Axed and ParraTV
20 Sept 2021 A consortium of investors including DGI Ventures, Veronica Ventures, Ralph de Vries and Bert Habets invests in Just Another Media Company
29 July 2021 Tjade Dieker (via Hendrion Holding B.V.) purchases 75% of the shares in ITS Hendrion B.V.
16 July 2021 Renewel B.V. purchases 50% of the shares in Dental Partners Rotterdam B.V.
15 July 2021 GTDC Properties Holding B.V. participates in Datacenter Diemen B.V.
18 June 2021 Conclusion acquires 100% of the shares in D&A Medical Group
1 June 2021 TopzorgGroep acquires PhysioPlus in Nijmegen/Rozendaal
31 May 2021 Bakkerij Van der Westen purchases 100% of the shares in Bakkerij Verbeek B.V.
11 May 2021 ROCSYS raises $6.3M to strengthen its leadership position in robotic EV charging solutions
6 May 2021 Mainport Innovation Fund invests seed capital in Grasp Innovations
14 April 2021 PDENH, DOEN Participaties and RVO invest EUR 2.25M in 3D Print Company MX3D
13 April 2021 Founders sell shares in HCS Company to Tech Tribes Nederland / Axxes IT
9 April 2021 Founders sell 100% of the shares in Orangedotcom to Intracto Group
31 March 2021 Golf booking platform LeadingCourses raises € 2.5M in investment round
24 March 2021 SHIFT Invest and Oost NL invest EUR 1.5 mio in OneThird
18 March 2021 Lava Therapeutics lists (IPO) on NASDAQ
18 March 2021 Sale of 100% of the shares in M2 Tandartsen to Gaev Dental
17 March 2021 Finch Building raises € 1M investment from Amavi Capital
1 March 2021 Sale of 100% of the shares in Driebit B.V. and Driebit Hosting B.V.
14 Feb 2021 Founda Health raises $15M from a group of healthcare and fintech entrepreneurs.
5 Feb 2021 FBattery tech innovator E-Magy raises € 5 Million In funding round led by Shift Invest.
1 Feb 2021 Sale of 100% of the shares in Kok Infra B.V.
25 Jan 2021 Renoon raises capital from Doorway and R-Invest S.r.l.
11 Jan 2021 Purchase of 100% of the shares in Van der Wolf Meubelspuitbedrijf B.V.


25 Nov 2020 Follow on round by consortium of existing investors, consisting of Future Food Fund, BOM and Brightland Venture Partner, into AvL Motion B.V.
16 Nov 2020 RBO B.V. purchases all assets of Stichting RBO Groningen
28 Oct 2020 A consortium consisting of SHIFT Invest, Future Food Fund and Innovation Quarter make an equity investment of €2.7 mio in PieterPot
27 Oct 2020 German VC funds btov and MIG make an equity investment of €5 mio in Innatera Nanosystems
16 Oct 2020 Preferred investment round in Vitestro Holding B.V.
05 Oct 2020 Founders of Global Music Rights together with two affiliated companies sell their company to US based Peer Music through an international transaction involving multiple jurisdiction.
17 Sep 2020 Series C investment round Lava Therapeutics. 
07 Sep 2020 Eat Karma B.V. (responsible for the success formula Karma Kebab) raises seed capital round in anticipation of international roll out and international growth
27 Aug 2020 Bakster B.V. purchases 100% of the shares in Banketbakkerij de Pauw B.V.
14 Aug 2020 Preferred Investment round Overstory B.V.
17 Jul 2020 Ambagon Therapeutics Inc. round of investment
15 Jul 2020 Committed Capital acquires majority stake in Intersteel.
01 Jul 2020 Fastned acquires 100% of the shares in MisterGreen Fast Charging
10 Jun 2020 Xamax B.V. purchases 100% of the shares in Mitrex B.V. from Momi Holding B.V. (MBI)
05 Jun 2020 Committed Capital together with Management acquires MR Marine Group
04 Jun 2020 The sale of 100% of the shares in Koel- en Vrieshuis Gebr. Van Langen B.V. to Rien Montsma Beheer B.V.
26 May 2020 SHIFT Invest and Amsterdams Klimaat & Energiefonds (AKEF) invest €3 mio in ByBorre
20 May 2020 B.V. purchases
15 Apr 2020 The Next Closet raises €1 mio from several investors
31 Mar 2020 AM-Pharma Holding B.V. attracts EIB financing
31 Mar 2020 Cowen and existing shareholders invest in AM-Pharma Holding B.V.
17 Mar 2020 Software developer OMRT successfully raises Series A equity round from strategic investor for one of its business branches (Ostate)
10 Mar 2020 Kneeltje B.V. sells 100% of the shares in JOYinCARE Groep B.V. to Karmijn Kapitaal and management


18 Dec 2019 Limen B.V. purchases 100% of the shares in Weighpack B.V. (MBI)
13 Dec 2019 A consortium consisting of Shift Invest, Social Impact Ventures and Quadia invest €5 mio in The Renewal Workshop
11 Dec 2019 Consortium of investors invests in AVL Motio
14 Nov 2019 Essent acquires 100% of the shares of VANDEBRON
23 Sep 2019 Enovation and Main Capital acquire POINT
04 Sep 2019 DOEN Participations and PDENH invest in MX3D
22 Aug 2019 SiebenTools purchases 100% of the shares in Endstra Deco B.V.
16 Jul 2019 AM-Pharma raises €116 million
06 Jun 2019 Slingshot Ventures invests in STOX Energy Socks
05 Jun 2019 ENECO acquires the shares in Donkse Wind and Galderse Wind from Renewable Energy Factory
21 May 2019 Rabo Private Equity and Shift Invest invest in 30Mhz
30 Apr 2019 Greendelta participates in Actis & Netfirst
09 Apr 2019 Kortext Limited invests in NewClick B.V.
21 Mar 2019 Mainport Innovation Fund, Fortino Capital and The Participation Company Flanders (PMV) invest in SupplyStack.
20 Mar 2019 F&F pi B.V. acquires 100% of the shares in Pi-groep B.V.
28 Feb 2019 Primum Holding B.V. acquires 100% of the shares in Axxent Masters in Tea B.V. (MBI)
2 Jan 2019 The sale of 100% of the shares in Bast Techniek B.V. to Orion Engineering B.V. (Alten Europe SARL)

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